Oursainsburys – Mysainsburys

Oursainsburys / Mysainsburys is an online portal allowing Sainsbury employees to access their accounts. One of the highlights of this portal is that it will enable colleagues to share information quickly. It also enhances productivity as the executive and supervisors don’t have to spend hours sending emails to every employee. 

The portal has an intuitive interface that is user-friendly and extremely easy to navigate compared to other outlets we have reviewed. At the Oursainsburys portal, employees get all the information they need to meet their daily obligations of running campaigns successfully.

The portal contains roster information and other documents, such as payslips and P60 for the past months. You can download them in seconds and securely. When filling out the annual tax, download the P60 from the portal and confirm the correct details. If not, get in touch with the support team for help. 


How to Create an OurSainsburys Account

When running a business, the privacy of your operations and employees’ data should always be kept under lock and key. Without the employees’ consent, it should never be shared with third-party or authorized personnel outside the company.

The brains behind the Oursainsburys portal know this fact too well, as evident from the security features. The portal is not available to anyone. Only employees of Sainsbury can access it.

Secondly, creating a Mysainsburys account is controlled and monitored by the company’s management team. Thus, you must be an employee at Sainsbury to create an Oursainsbury account. 

Other companies allow employees to visit portals using their smartphone or computer and create an account independently. For example, the Human Resources department makes employee accounts during the induction phase at Sainsbury’s. 

During this phase, you will be taught how to use the portal and the information you can expect to see when you log in. You will also be given your unique login credentials. Keep them safe and private to prevent others from accessing your details, such as monthly or yearly salary. Also, all new employees must provide a valid National Insurance number to the HR department to facilitate their account creation.

How to Login to Your Mysainsburys Account

Several requirements must be met to log in to your Oursainsburys account successfully. Below is an overview to help you get started.

  • You need to have a National Insurance number.
  • Your surname is set as first name, surname, and last four digits of your employee number @ mysainsburys.co.uk. It’s recommendable to write it down for future reference. It may appear long, but you will soon get used to typing it.
  • Your password is your National Insurance number. The only difference is that the first letter should be in the capital. 
  • The new official login page URL


Click on the link above and input your username and password. You will be prompted to change your password if this is the first time you have accessed the portal. Also, you must be a valid employee of Sainsbury. The HR team deletes Oursainsburys accounts of employees who exited the company immediately after terminating their contracts. 

What Happens If I Forget My New Oursainsburys Password?

It’s normal to forget your password, especially if you last accessed your Oursainsburys account a while ago. However, you can change your password by clicking the “Can’t access your account” option on the main login page.

You will then be required to specify whether the account is personal or was created by the IT team. After that, you will be redirected to another page to provide your work email address. You will also need to input the Captcha to prove you’re human correctly.

If the two details are correct, a notification will be sent to the IT team, and more instructions on changing your password will be provided. The process takes less than 2 hours, so rest assured that you will regain access to your Oursainsburys account in no time.

Avoid forgetting your credentials by login into your Oursainsburys account every day. Doing so will ensure you never miss out on company news and other important notifications from the management team.

Does Sainsbury’s have a Mobile App?

Most companies have invested thousands of dollars in mobile apps that allow employees to access their accounts on mobile. But unfortunately, the apps are prone to remote hacking and pose a significant danger to companies.

For instance, anyone with access to your login credentials can download the app and use your credentials to change your details. They could even send abusive emails to your seniors and colleagues, thus ruining your reputation and getting fired. 

Sainsbury’s is determined to protect its privacy and that of its employees. Thus, there is no mobile or desktop app for accessing Oursainsburys accounts. 

However, you can log in to your Oursainsburys account using your smartphone. It would help to have an updated secure browser like Google Chrome to access the official login page. Look for the “Together We Are Sainsbury’s” logo before inputting your credentials to be sure you’re on the right page.

Recap of How to Login into the Oursainsburys Account

It would be best to have an internet-connected smartphone or computer to access the official Oursainsburys account. The company uses Microsoft Outlook for security reasons, so expect to see it followed by random letters and numbers. 

Please ensure that the page you’re on has the Together We Are Sainsbury logo to be sure it’s the correct page. If you cannot see the logo, you’re probably on the wrong page, and hackers could net your details if you submit them via that page. 

Contact the support team for clarification about the correct URL page if you are in doubt to avoid regrets down the road. The team is available during normal working hours and responds to queries within 3 hours. 

Finally, remember to change your password when you log in to your Oursainsburys account for the first time. The new password should be unique and easy to remember but not too obvious or generic. Back it up by saving it in your email for future reference.